Maurice Elmalem is known as “World Greatest Martial Arts Daredevil”, “Houdini” and the Architect of Martial Arts. To date his Guinness World Records have not been challenged by anyone in martial arts or ordinary people due to the extreme difficulties involve in executing the techniques and the tremendous focus, power, speed and control required to avoid danger and injuries.

. In January 2004 World Champion Maurice Elmalem mesmerized the world one more time at Action Martial Arts Expo in front of thousands of spectators breaking a new extreme world record,breaking 50 sheets of glass amounting to 8½ inches block with an instep round house kick establishing a new Guinness World Record.

. May 2003 Maurice established new Guinness World Record at Placio De Vista Legre in Madrid Spain breaking a hundred and five sheets of glass measuring 13⅝ inches high with one single elbow strike downward.

. April 2002 at Budo International Martial Arts Magazine studio in Madrid Spain Maurice establish a new Guinness World Record breaking one hundred sheets of glass measuring ⅛ inch thick each reaching 13 inches high with elbow strike downward.

. A new Guinness Word Record held by Maurice Elmalem was established in 2001. He shattered 50 sheets of glass amounting to 8½ inches of glass with a karate chop at Fox Studios in Hollywood , California . His biography, profile and the glass breaks were televised world wide.

. In 2000 at the 32 nd annual Aaron Banks Oriental World of Self Defense Madison Square Garden, Maurice established a new World Record. Breaking 5 boards with one flying side kick through a ring of fire where movie star Chuck Norris pronounced him “A great champion” and awarded him the World Extreme Championship Belt.

. In 1999 at the World Karate Championship Maurice breaks 5 boards, 1 inch thick, totaling inches thick with a speed head break. Boards were thrown in mid air and splashed in half with forehead strike (without any support). Establishing a new Guinness World Record.

. In 1989 World Champion Maurice Elmalem earned himself one more time a place into the history books by breaking a new Guinness World Record. On ABC Wide World of Sports televised live at the Gleason Gym, New York City , breaking five 1 inch thick boards with a double flying side kicks simultaneously using both legs while in mid air breaking all boards with each leg splitting them in half and landing safely.

. At the World Karate Championships in 1987 World Champion Master Maurice Elmalem broke a new Guinness World Record, flying over six chairs breaking six 1 inch thick boards with a flying side kick while in mid air splitting all six boards in half. Grand Master Fred Hamilton awarded him the Youngest World Extreme Championship belt.



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