The most outstanding display of all martial artists is the ability to execute perfect kick, from 1-10 preferably 10.

It all starts in practice at school as basic elements of martial arts students. A good instructor will guide the students how to execute perfect kicks even by demonstrating kicks many times over the course of teaching, the display and execution of kicks always involve a good balance. Take off from the ground for flying kicks is very precise to the point of execution, it involves correct distance with right stepping and speed while running or jumping in mid high enough for no miss and have enough time to kick with perfect extension, good display of body motion including leg maneuvering and hand position while in mid air. Have additional time for safe landing when executing a flying kicks. Keep in mind that elements judge your distance up to the inch.

Practice on your correct steps, jump high enough to show a perfect kick execution and have enough time to land safe. Practice to coordinate your mind with the body signals, at time even if you know you are about to miss, start over. Don’t let your mind control your ability to do the right or the wrong thing. Make the decision instantly and don’t give up. Remember the first and last impression with kicking is the way you start and finish.

Be strong and work with positive attitude in good environment. Work hard by practicing over and over your kicking techniques to the ultimate perfection. If you feel that you need to improve, don’t be shy to ask for help from your instructor or grandmaster. It takes will power and courage with self confidence to overcome all obstructions in your mind, to mentally be prepared for the explosive display of kicking techniques in order to leave a good memory of a life time to your peers and fellow students and friends. This kind of thinking makes you move on in life with positive attitude and better with all.

The following display of kicking techniques are examples that were collected in span of 44 years practice of Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Combat Hapkido – Budo The Way of the Warrior.

Front Kick
This is the most common breaking kick for both beginners and advanced martial artists. It is a very powerful kick. In fighting it is usually accomplished by a thrusting movement, bringing the leg up from the floor, aiming the knee at the target and snapping the leg using the ball of the foot for striking. Use the hip and aim at center of targets for maximum power on each kicking movement.
Roundhouse Kick
Start in back stance, raise back leg parallel to floor with all your weight on the standing leg. Swing the kicking foot in a circular motion to the target with the foot at a slight angle facing downwards. Curl toes in and use ball of the foot. Snap the kicking foot with full extension to the target. Bring leg back quickly, bend knee and return foot to the floor. Repeat same for use of the instep. Roundhouse kick to the face, ribs, knees and neck.

Side Kick
Start from back stance. Raise the back kicking foot to level of stationary leg and start to pivot leg on ball of foot to the side at a 90 degree angle so the hip is in line with target. Thrust leg forward, lock knee and use the outer edge of the kicking foot or heel to make contact with the target. As you snap the kicking foot, pivot. The foot moves to align the leg the front arm along the kicking leg and back arm positioned at your chest. This motion will increase power on the kick. Shift your upper body toward the kicking leg. Use a snap to go through the target. The side kick is an extremely powerful kick. Striking areas include the face, stomach, abdomen. It may be used for blocking.

Flying Side Kick
Start with back stance, running toward the target. At jump starting point, lift your entire body as high as you can. Use the back leg for side kick and pull opposite leg up cocked to the kicking leg. At this point, turn your body and hip sideway. Extend kicking leg out toward the target, snap thrust into target with strong yaa and kick knee. Keep upper body forward and tuck hand by your chest. Quickly drop back leg to the floor to support the body for landing,

Flying Front Kick
Start from back stance facing the target. Take a few steps back. Run towards the target that is held up at your desired height. Practice several times. Jump straight up to the height you selected. Keep in mind the number of steps it took to approach the target to assure proper timing for the jump. Start the jump by picking up the back leg close to your body as high as possible. Immediately bring the kicking leg upward with your toes bent. Use ball of foot and snap it into target with focus, speed, strong yaa and power, then quickly bring back down the kicking leg while in mid air to support your landing in a back stance.

Double Legs Flying Side Kick
Repeat same as flying side kick. As you run toward the target, lift and jump in mid air. Turn the hip and the body, twist sideways at this point, extend both legs to a locked position. Focus the mind and coordinate all movements in good timing. While in mid air, thrust double legs into target. Quickly twist your back and land on your side with the hand close to the floor extended for extra support on landing.

GM Maurice Elmalem
Author-World Champion


Most martial artists are motivated to do their best in learning with the ability to understand the science into taekwondo philosophy, karate and other styles, but there are those practitioners who excel beyond their ability in martial arts practice achieving other goals in art. Because of the determination that they learnt from practicing martial arts for so many years. Motivation and meditation grow stronger in the heart of the martial artists every year. Our minds become creative when at peace and create ideas that come to the mind clear and efficient without stress, so even more so do at their free time they turn their mind to focus on other elements such as: painting oil on canvas, butterfly art, photography, writing, sculpting, architecture, carpentry, music and etc.

The vision of the eye grows stronger with great imagination creating a world of colors and see the beauty of nature as it was thought in mediation to use the world of calm as a tool to be more diversify and motivate your mind to think with great satisfaction of achievement plus. Take for example: a martial artist who has been studying for many years. Taekwondo or other martial arts styles has reached his ultimate goal by climbing to the top level that he or she could reach than at that point their masters start to distance themselves from the practitioner and give him or she more space to thing and have more time to work and correct all of the techniques, forms. Fighting and breaking combat practice and even be more creative to use their imagination to create new and effective methods that are more particular and easy to use in teaching the new generation, some grand masters become, producers, authors, writers, editors, coaches and artists, lets look at some of their work.

At this moment of their life they have the chance to express themselves more freely and without the supervision of their grand master because he might not understand their artistic talent besides martial arts. Some people discover art through martial arts practice and participating in tournaments, championships and other events sitting on the side line in their free time give them a chance to imagine if they could do certain things different. Some try to achieve their dreams by painting the images as they see it and make it easy to explain the concept of the idea and the benefits. I had students who ask how can you do this? And how can you do that? Even questioning how can you fly? This type of questions motivate a martial artist to come up with easy and not so complicated explanation. Using photos and video images everything come to place with easy explanation of the technique used to achieve successfully that dream, with today relevant technology a martial artist can practice one particular technique in breaking, fighting or combat sport and it can be converted to multiply techniques using computer image and editing. It helps to come up with better and more imaginative ideas. People tend to like excitement and more complicated showmanship from today’s martial artist even if it involves danger and risks which we can see happening in mixed martial arts events and the UFC fighting. Today martial arts has transformed to tomorrow’s future like the aliens and UFO reach beyond the impossible.

To stand out in crowd with the extreme kata, open kata, musical weapon kata, martial artists use acrobatics and gymnastic abilities to achieve their goal but that involves danger and there are those who can’t compete in this extreme conditions, and become advisers and coaches. Computer images exemplary used in practice helps martial artist understand the beauty of the art. It reflects freedom of the mind. For many years martial artists did not have the chance to express themselves because the instructors were so traditional they couldn’t think otherwise. Throughout my years in practicing martial arts I showed the ability to be different and created some of the most innovative and dangerous techniques used in fighting, Krav Maga, self defense and breaking that have earned me names such as “Renaissance Man”, “Architect of Martial Arts”, and the “Houdini of Martial Arts” these feats were documented in books, DVDs, magazine, advertisements, TV shows worldwide, Guinness World Records, etc.

If you can think it, you can do it. Use your imagination and the power to be special and use caution. Be careful. Stay strong and apply your ideas first by making notes, memorizing them with great details a thousand times over and when the time is right and you are comfortable with yourself – just do it! You will never know of the success unless you are in the game that can make you a world renown martial artist, champion, painter, successful business man and most important a winner.

GM Maurice Elmalem
Author-World Champion


2011 Hall Of Fame – Madison Square Gardens

“My dear Grand Masters, Shihan, Kyoshi, Soke Renship, Sifu, Master, Sensei, all Inductee-guest, lady’s and gentlemen welcome to Madison Square Garden the home of the World champions since 1888, the house that is the worlds most legendary area.

Only those who are true in their many years of Martial Arts are worthy of excellent honor. You are the cornerstones and respect that has brought you here today for this honor.

I cannot praise you all in just a few words when it had taken you so many years to have made you worthy of the great achievement, that you are about to receive.

There are those who have tried and cheated their way, as you look around they are not here today and never will be in any given time. As many who are true and not here today ‘it matter not’ you are either along or with your guest that’s all that truly matter and God blessed you for this.

It took you many years to reach this pinnacle honor that soon will be given to you at Madison Square Garden. When a dear friend of mine asked me who has passed on and who was honored many years ago at the garden, as the world number one martial arts writer John McGee said with tears in his eyes ‘it’s the top of the world!’ I was asked “will there be any celebrities attending?” My answer – every person who will be there, inductee, guest, etc. are all celebrities.

To them, families, friends, students, and most of all themselves put it together we have thousands of years of blood, sweat and tears right here from yesterday today, tomorrow forever!!!

You are the true people, the true people! God bless you all.”

Among the inductees for Madison Square Garden 2011 Hall of Fame were GM Rico Guy GM Robert Cheezic, GM Gary Alexander, GM Maurice Elmalem, Shihan William Mack, GM Jack Stern, Shihan Bruce Serrent, Frank Coppola III, Joe Onopa, Tony Loupakis, Lou Zuccaro, Amanda Haddock, Robert White, Dr. George Kaytta, Ms. Ingrid Leacock, James Coker, Sam McGee, Celebrity Photographer Ronnie Wright, GM Rick Lenchus, Violinist Ms. Y Ukako Taruni, GM Robert Cooper and many more, Shihan Robert Ornes, Mr. Banks’ Associate did a wonderful job making the evening run smooth with the program that included words of wisdom by distinguish guests, music, food past TV programs played on a giant TV and many photos for souvenirs at the end of the program Mr. Banks requested a group photo and to have guests of the evening to be in this special picture to have as memory of a lifetime.

To save this beautiful dream is to thank Mr. Banks the one person who has done magic by popularizing martial arts around the world. Founder of “The Oriental World of Self Defense” in 1966. The show that mesmerize the world, like “American Idol.” Many great martial artist were discovered at the O.W.O.S.D and went on become movie stars, legends and leaders of the world. Congratulation Mr. Banks thank you for your wisdom. Leadership and make the world shine with your magic once again.

GM Maurice Elmalem
Author-World Champion


2011 Hall Of Honors – Tropicana Casino, Atlantic City
January 21 – 22. 2011

Once again Alan Goldberg proved to all that he still have the edge to bring a large crowd of martial artists from around the globe to the 2011 Action Magazine Hall of Honors for an extravagant weekend Jan. 21-23rd. It all started on Friday night with VIP reception at the Tropicana Casino and Hotel Guest Room with celebrities, grand masters, movie stars, and of course guest of the martial arts family. Everyone was greeting each other, wished Happy New Year 2011 enjoying the evening with cocktails, wine and cheese service, taking photos and enjoying the music. On Saturday morning the Expo was a great success, booth displays and merchants of martial arts supplies, DVDs, movies, equipment. At the Budo booth videos, DVDs and books were sold while complimentary copies of the magazine and videos were given to visitors. Movie stars, martial arts and celebrities were signing and taking photographs with guest such as Michael Jai White, Chuck Zito from the HBO Oz, Cynthia Rothrock, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Dan Savern, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Joe Lewis, Christine Bannon Rodriquez, and many more, guests also took advantage of the free seminars that were given by celebrities and grand masters of martial arts.

Among the grand masters and masters who attended the Saturday Expo and seminars were John Pellegrini, George Alexander, Julius Melgritto, Tokey Hill, Michael Depasquale Jr., Don Rodriquez and many more. Alan Goldberg managed to put a tournament at the other end of the expo room which went very well with many competitors on hand. Then all the attention went down to the ballroom in the evening for the banquet, with over 1000 guests and nominees of Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors 2011. The ballroom was elegantly prepared with a stage and band on hand that played to the tune of modern and pop music. The magician did a fantastic job entertaining everyone with his special tricks which I spoke to him later in the evening and learned some of his magic tricks like having Goldberg magically appearing out of a box.

During the evening food and dessert were served which was very delicious, thanks to the chef of the Tropicana Casino. Awards were given out to the announcement of the MC Michael Depasquale Jr. which I give credit of great job complementing each and every nominee for their achievement in martial arts and even remembered each and everyone’s background. Then after all the award ceremony everyone took to the dance floor for dancing with the martial art stars, taking pictures and having lots of fun. To sum it all up Bravo Grand Master Alan Goldberg one more time for a well done evening.

All the best to all who participated and to all the Hall of Honors nominees at the 2011 action M/A magazine HOF weekend of extravaganza.

GM Maurice Elmalem
Author -World Champion
Producer – Architect – Artist


Fist Of Fury Kicks Up A Storm

Celebrating Budo 1 st Annual Gala & Hall of Fame

Marriott Laguardia NY Hotel

East Elmhurst, New York, USA

June 4, 2005

The event that created a buzz worldwide, Budo Magazine Gala & Hall of Fame was a blast with the day full of excitement. Guests from all around the world: Spain, England, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Israel, Turkey, Canada, Greece, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Brazil, and more. Martial Arts legends, grandmasters, masters, movie stars and historians all graced the audience with their presence at this unforgettable occasion.

To top the morning off was a trade show with great vendors, demonstrations and free seminars on self defense, fighting and forms by some of the finest in the Arts were the highlights from 9am through 4pm. Visitors patronized various booths and took pictures with martial artists, movie stars, Cynthia Rothrock, Phil Morris, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, GM Jhoon Rhee, GM Maurice Elmalem (Budo Editor), Alfredo Tucci (Budo Managing Director/Publisher) Paolo Cangelosi (Budo-Spain), Victor Guitierrez (Budo – Spain), Mark Denny, “The Dog Brothers”, Santiago Sanchis (Budo-Spain), Champion kickboxer Olando Rivera, GM Dr. Richard Chun, GM David German (Tai Karate), Rick Lenchus, Cheryl Angelheart (Blackbelt Magazine), and many more notables of the Arts from all over the globe.

Sri Dinesh, founder of Gati Chi, a close compadre of Budo offered a bit of “Indian Flavor”in his presentation of the opening ceremony, this was followed by Grandmasters/Masters – John Pellegrini (Hapkido), Huang Aguilar (Shaolin Kung Fu), Mark Shuey (Cane Master), Gary Wasniewski (TYGA), Professor David James (Ju Jitsu) George Alexander (Shorin Ryu Karate), Anthony Paniccioli (Kyusho) Dennis “Sup” Burgess (Breaking), Gary Alexander (Combat), John Chaloux (Breaking), Thomas James (Tae Kwon Do), Victor Gutierrez (Wing Chun) Mark Kline (Kyusho) Andrew Stigliani (Knife Fighting), Bill Wallace (Fighting Dynamics), David Washington (Police & Military), Gamel Spencer (Taochuanpo), Hank Shik Shin (Hapkido), Yung Sung Lee (Hapkido), and many more giving their astounding presentation of demos and seminars.

Producer Grand Master Maurice Elmalem World Greatest Champion and editor of Budo Magazine made it possible for the audience to practice their moves on stage and in the seminars. Elmalem isn’t just the organizer and editor he’s also a seven time world champion known for his ability to chop through 50 sheets of glass or leap through a ring of fire to break a stack of 6″ boards with flying side kick, or break 105 sheets of glass with elbow strike downwards. He holds 8 Guinness World Records, he is known as the Houdini and architect of martial arts. His fighting skills and breaking records are documented in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Masters of Ceremony GM John Pellegrini and GM George Alexander took the night away with a packed ballroom of over 450 guests and thanked all for their support to Budo Magazine. Special guests were acknowledged and warmly received. Excitement filled the air especially with the appearance of the legendary GM Jhoon Rhee, “Father of American Tae Kwon Do.” Great Grand Master Aaron Banks in his input elaborated on the spirit and wisdom of Martial Arts moreso and the achievements that come with it. He introduced Maurice as the most outstanding martial artist of our time achieving ultimate goals and dreams, a man of grace, dignity, charisma and unlimited will power, an author, producer, art painter, scholar, musician, an architect and real estate developer. Mr. Banks surprised everyone by presenting a 10 th degree black belt to Maurice. For sure Grand Master Dr Richard Chun was extremely proud of Maurice (his student).

With respect to such gesture and Maurice’s achievements the audience responded with a standing ovation. In his remarks Maurice thanked all for their support to the magazine. He further stated that “beautiful dreams can be achieved by climbing one step at a time all the way to the top, you must have a good education, and strong will power – (title of his first book). Maurice emphasized that Budo Magazine presently publish 165,000 issues monthly in fifty-four countries in seven languages. The corporation is the world’s largest producers of videos and DVDs in five languages. 20 years of existence all over Europe and 3 years in USA/Canada moreover receiving the recognition of world’s #1 martial arts magazine and book publishing known for it’s quality and European touch of class. At this point he introduced his partner Alfredo Tucci, whom he described as a great human being, a great photographer, artist, author and producer then presented him with a plaque. In closing Maurice surprise everyone…clad in his tuxedo… he broke boards with a speed spear hand splicing a 1″ board in half…then…a thumb…breaking two 1″ boards…..and his most famous glass break chopping through 50 sheets of glass with karate chop. A moment to remember!!!

The entertainment of the evening included a performance by Tony Loupakis’ school doing a demonstration of mixed martial arts and gymnastics involving kicking, acrobatics and gymnastics by adults and children as well. The highlight of the demo was a pyramid formed with children one on top of the other reaching 25 height. After completing their act they were congratulated and presented plaque. The audience was stunned by one act after the other. Next was a salsa duo and sure they brought the house down. Shir-el the magnificent belly dancer thrilled the audience with her middle eastern masterpiece performance, for approximately 25 minutes she had the entire ballroom at her command.

Grand Master Ron Van Clief, “The Black Dragon” and his team too gave a memorable treat of their aikijujitsu skills – demonstrations displaying self defense using street attacks and weapons elimination with hand and leg techniques.

To bring a close to the entertainment segment was Eli Torez and his partner again giving a magical touch of great moves and music. Awards presentation went on and words of wisdom were given by Dr. Harfouche. The evening concluded with DJ music and words of commendation for a great day.


“Great job, I hope next time we can fill a gymnasium” VForce. A smash hit is the only way to describe this event, it was a great event, hopefully we’ll all be back next year” GM George Alexander.

“Congratulations on a first class world event and thank you for making me a part of it. With our upcoming World Head of Family Sokeship Council Hall Of Fame Event Sept 2 nd, 3 rd 2005 we will be honoring Budo International Magazine as the world’s leading martial arts publication and recognize Grand Master Elmalem’s new rank” Grand Master Sanchez.

“I had a great time” Arthur Cohen.

“I felt very fortunate to be of this historic event” Charles Barrett.

“Thank you very much for inviting us to your dinner and award ceremony” Cheryl Angelheart, Black Belt Magazine.

“There are not enough words to express my sincere appreciation for what you have done” David Washington.

“If I never go to another function like yours I will not be missing anything because your function was as good as it gets” Carlos Farrell.

“The awards you gave were awesome” Arthur Cohen.

“Congratulations on making it happen” Great GM Aaron Banks. New York Post & The Bay News both featured the event.


Legend Grandmaster (over 40 year)

Gary Alexander – Combat Isshinryu, Prof. James R. Ambrose – Shotokan, Dr. Richard Chun – TaeKwonDo, Carlos Farrell – Jido Kwan, Kalaii K Griffin – Kajukendo, Rick Lenchus – Shotokan Karate, John Pellegrini – Combat Hapkido, Jhoon Rhee – TaeKwonDo, Prof. Frank E Sanchez – San Jitsu, Hank Shik Shin – Hapkido/ Taekwondo, Jack Stern – Jui Jitsu, Dr. Sharif Wali – Kente Ryu Jujitsu, Yung Sung Lee – Hapmudo, Francisco Mansur – Brazilian Jiujitsu, Aaron Banks – Legend Great Grand Master Extreme World Martial Arts Promoter.

Silver Pioneer (40 years in the Arts)

George Alexander – Shorin Ryu Karate, Danny Paulo – Vee Do Kwan, Santiago Sanchis – Judaikido

Goodwill Ambassador to Martial Arts

Dr. Christian Harfouche – Shorite Ryu Tai Jutsu, Frank Kushner – FMK Shotokan

Diamond Lifetime over (35 years)

Dr. Robert Braff – San Ryu Do, Paulo Cangelosi – Kung Fu, Victor Gutierrez – Wing Tsun, Vincent Lyn – Lingar

Lifetime Dedication to Martial Arts

Huang Aguilar – Shaolin/Kung Fu, Randy Duke – TaeKwonDo/Hapkido, Rico Guy – Karate Iaido Kempo Jitsu, Tokey Hill -Karate, Reno Moralez – Shinjitsu Jissen Karte Jutsu, Don Rodrigues – Karate, Cynthia Rothrock – Kung Fu, In Sun Seo – Hapkido, Ron Van Clief – China Goju, Bill Wallace – Kickboxing, Lou Zuccaro – JuJutsu

Arthur Cohen

Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Personal Safety Training

Grandmaster of the Year

Sergio Barriga – Shimshindo, Abdul Bilal -Jujitsu, Allah Freedom – Makoto Ryu/Jujitsu, David German – Kenpo, Jeff Helaney – TaeKwonDo, David B James- Vee Arnis Jitsu, Mark Shuey Sr – Cane Masters, Gary Wasniewski – Tyga, Eugene Floyd -Ninjitsu, Rashon Khan – Self Defense, Teddy Wilson – Aikijitsu,

Masters – Instructors – Shihans – Martial Arts Students & Movie Stars

Tony Aloe – Outstanding Contribution to Okinawan Kenpo, Joseph A Aviles – Male Competitor of the Year,Jerry Figgiani – Outstanding Contribution to Okinawan Kenpo, George E Bierman – Master of the Year – Goshin Jutsu Karate, Dennis Burgess – Outstanding Champion Breaker of the Year, Grant Campbell – Master of the Year – Ryuri Ryu Karate Kobudo, Thomas A Casale – Master of the Year – Shotokan, Eric W Deveau – Outstanding Contributions to Martial Arts, Mark Daley – Master of the Year – Hapkido, Sri Mitra Dinesh – Outstanding Achievement in Gati Chi, KC Estes Williams – Woman of the Year – Hapkido,Michael Emanuel – Outstanding Achievement in Hapkido, Luke Frazer – Outstanding Achievement in Combat, Hapkido/TaeKwonDo, David Gonzalez – Man of the Year -Shaolin, Franklin Gomez – Outstanding Achievement in Kickboxing, Mark Gridley – Outstanding Achievement in Combat Hapkido, Craig Hamann – Master of the Year – Combat Hapkido / TaeKwonDo, Carlos Machado – Master of the Year – Brazilian Jujitsu, Burton Richardson – Outstanding Achievement in Jeet Kune Do, Frank Huff – Master of the Year – Hapkido, Robert Ingersoll – Outstanding Achievement in Police & Military, Hector M Jimenez – Master of the Year – Combat Hapkido, Randy Kirkby – Master of the Year – Hapkido, Ari Laine – Master of the Year – Combat Hapkido, Jason Landaas – Outstanding Achievement in Hapkido, Prof. Peng You Lian – Outstanding Contribution to Tai Ji Quan, Lance Eske – Instructor of the Year – Combat Hapkido, Alfred Medina – Master of the Year – Combat Hapkido, Julius Melegrito – Master of the Year – Filipino Kombatan,Brayner Martinez – Outstanding Achievement in Kickboxing/Karate, Marcos Santos – Man of the Year – Brazilian Juijitsu, Eugene McQuillan – Outstanding Achievement in Martial Arts, Avi Nardia – Outstanding Achievement in Kapap/Israeli Martial Arts, Jesus Martinez – Instructor of the Year -Judo, Donald R. Moore – Outstanding Contribution to Combat Hapkido, Anthony Paniccioli – Master of the Year -Karate, Edgardo Perez – Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts, John Petrone – Master of the Year – Self Defense, John L Potenza – Instructor of the Year – Mixed Martial Arts, Gary Rooks – Outstanding Achievement in Kyusho Jitsu, David Rivas – Outstanding Achievement in Martial Arts, Eric Rushton – Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts, Christian St. Jacques – Master of the Year in Defense Tactics William Sanchez – Master of the Year – Combat Hapkido, Candida Soto – Woman of the Year – Miama Ryu Combat Ju-Jitsu, Thomas Swartwood – Master of the Year – Hapkido, Charles Turner – Outstanding Achievement in Martial Arts,Kevin Woznek – Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts, David Washington – Outstanding Achievement in Police & Military, Sam White III – Master of the Year – TaekwonDo /Hapkido, Chris Yaeger – Master of the Year – Tang Soo Do/Combat Hapkido, Robbie Andreozzi – Jr Competitor of the Year, Jose Arroyo – Instructor of the Year – Combat Hapkido, Alan F D’Allessandro – Master of the Year – Self Defense, Jeff Bateman – Man of the Year – Karate, Rory Calhoun – Man of the Year – Jujitsu/Nisey Goju, Jeffrey Craig – Outstanding Contributions to Martial Arts, Jan Lucanus Childress – Outstanding Achievement in Martial Arts – Motion Pictures, Jan Carlton Childress – Master of the Year – Kung Fu, Rocky DiRico – Outstanding Achievement in Martial Arts – Kenpo Kobudo, Keith Tong – Master of the Year – Tai Chi, Courtney Faison – Woman of the Year – Self Defense, Jesse Goldberg – Male Fighting Competitor of the Year, James M. Hartigan – Instructor of the Year -Hapkido, Lee Ireland – Outstanding Promoter of the Year, Tommy Lee – Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts – TaeKwonDo, Gerald McGrath – Outstanding Achievement in Martial Arts – TaeKwonDo, Ivan Mendez – Outstanding Contribution of Martial Arts, Angel Muniz – Master of the Year – Shotokan /Kickboxing Champion, Olando Rivera – Outstanding Achievement in Kickboxing,Virgil Pena – Master of the Year – Judo, Bruce Porter – Instructor of the Year -Hapkido, Sandra Sabatini – Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts, Andrew Stigliano – Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts,Gamel Spencer – Master of the Year -Wing Chun/Karate, Carlos Varon – Humanitarian Award, Sheldon R. Wilkins – Outstanding Achievement in Martial Arts, Wilton White – Master of the Year -Karate, Danny Wytherspoon – Master of the Year – Self Defense, Phil Morris – Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts,Christine Rodrigues – Outstanding Achievement in Martial Arts, Tony Loupakis – World Leading Martial Arts Demonstrator, Black Belt Magazine – World’s Leading Magazine of Self Defense, Daniel Jenkins – Master of the Year – Kempo, Shabazz A Muhammad – Instructor of the Year – Shaolin Kung Fu.



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