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36th Annual
Ocean State Grand National Karate Championship
April 8-10, 2015

Another year indeed to witness and participate in one of the most outstanding and organized championships. Competitors with much anticipation attended and completed for not only for the glory of winning but for gratification and the recognition from qualified Grand Masters from all over the world such as NASKA Rating, Larry Carnaham International President, Tony Cogliandro, Cordinators, Rich Baptista, Tom Festa, Chris Rodrigues, Joe Greenhalgh, Greg Ruth and support of Paul Mitchell Hair Products. Winning competitors get the chance to travel around the world for team competition. Event organizers Don and Christine Rodrigues, operators of the Don Rodrigues Karate Academy in Rhode Island are highly respected champions who continue to build up their legacy by contributing endless time and effort to help new martial artists achieve their ultimate goals and dreams in the best way possible. Each year they endeavor to give their unending support, advice, motivation, and bring the best out of every competitor who attend the championship.

This year’s event was simply awesome. Competitors came from Italy, Germany, Canada, Russia, Egypt, Mexico and etc. At the OSGN everyone has the chance to witness some of the most dynamic martial arts performance. The new wave of applying changes with spectacular gymnastic and into the creative forms. The atmosphere was very electrifying and no doubt the feeling was like being at the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil Show. With blasting music and much action from competitors with weapons such as Swords, Nunchuks, Bow, and Tunfa it was a bit difficult to observe their moves and techniques yet on the other hand for the competitors it offered a feeling of empowerment and drive along with the excitement and the power that comes with it to execute perfection. that got some Grand Champion finalists to score a perfect 10 on the score card.

I personally do feel a sense of pride and deep satisfaction seeing competitors continue the tradition and values that preserve martial arts amidst the challenges of today. It was a pleasure to see Cynthia “Lady Dragon” Rothrock, my dear friend for many years who was the special guest. We had the opportunity to discuss the growth of martial arts worldwide and other things.
Among this year OSGN’s 2016 Hall of Fame inductees were: Barbara Bernhardt, Jackie Greenhalgh, Henry Guidoboni, Denise Rouleu, Jim Smith and Gerald Dawson. The event was widely covered by various news media including Budo International Martial Arts Magazine and of course an ecstatic audience capturing each moment.

The final night started with welcome spread by Don & Christine and my good friend Mr. Dennis Brown as the evening announcer, followed by the National Anthem. The nonstop action then started with demo team mix of young and adult martial artists who did a superb traditional form to the pleasing crowd, Edrian Kennedy won Grand Champion 13/under BB forms. Emery McKenzie almost got a perfect 10 from the judges won the Women’s Weapons. Jackson Rudolph won the Men’s Weapons and the awesome Team Paul Mitchell won the Team Fighting division. Nicole Peled won the Women’s BB Fighting. Jack Pressley’s fast action gave him a 14-17 win in Weapons. Jalan Vash won the Men’s Traditional Forms Grand, this was such unbelievable to watch.

Taylor Weaver demonstrated such an outstanding performance of techniques won the Men’s BB CMX Forms Grand. One an always expect a superb delivery from him. Truly a fine character and a great martial artist, always very focused and humble as he portrays in my the movie “Champions of the Deep.” The Fighting Grand was won by Jason Ortisand I am glad he did, in the Fight Grand was won by Justin Ortis another fast growing superb martial arts who demonstrated triple simultaneous kicks following with reverse
punches, very advance techniques that makes a winner with big advantage over
the average competitor. Justin won $1000 prize money as well. Bolts Moradi won Grand in the Men’s BB Heavy Weight and $1000.

Well as always, I had a great time, and looking forward to attend next year OSGN’S, good luck and be safe from all of us at Budo Martial Arts Magazine.

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